About Johnny

Johnny is an Orange County Based photographer who was born and raised in Southern California.  Though he currently has a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems, his passion for photography started in 2006 when he first acquired his very first digital camera for his birthday. With the help of his friends and family, he shot his first wedding in July of 2009 and has never looked back since.

When Johnny's not out taking pictures, he's usually out traveling, hanging out with family and friends or pursuing his other hobbies such as: Cars, Sports, Video Games, Camping, Guns, and Computers. 

About Johnny:<br />
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am of Chinese descent and was raised primarily in the Orange County/Riverside County areas. I lived in Anaheim, California until 1997 (when i was 9) where my family and I moved to our current location in Corona, California. In June of 2006, I graduated as an Honors student at Santiago High School in Corona, California. In 2013, I graduated DeVry University with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems with a concentration in Information Systems Security. <br />
<br />
Ever since I picked up my first camera, I've considered Photography strictly as a hobby, and never considered making a business out of it, as I love taking pictures for fun.  In 2009, after getting convinced from friends and family, I started shooting weddings, and simply put, I love it!  Many photographers aren't able to deal with the amount of stress involved in shooting a wedding, but after shooting a handful of weddings, I realized that I enjoy shooting weddings and that I am here to stay!  <br />
<br />
My particular interests (outside of photography) include: Cars, Basketball, Snowboarding, Bicycles, and Video Games, just to name a few.  I LOVE food, and I love trying different types of food from different cultures.
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